WM Partners (WMP) started its operation on April 2013 by members who used to work for the institutional venture capital firm in Japan. The team comprises core investment managers working together for Growth Capital and Private Equity Secondaries for more than a decade. WMP is an independent investment firm with these individuals as its partners.


WMP considers that Japan needs programs for “Growth Equity Investment” more than ever before, so that Japan will come back to the trajectory of economic growth as a country. The investment policy of WMP is to contribute to the “The Economic Growth Initiative by the Abe administration” and help talented management teams as an equity partner. WMP understands that the Initiative requires strategic information, human resources, philosophy to share the harvest with third parties who will bring value to the company as well as money.

WMP also wants to be a solid Growth Equity team who should be recognized as one among the institutional investors around the globe, but not limited to Japan. We would rather concentrate on sales growth to introduce new measures like “Go to market strategy” and “Open and Innovative marketing solutions” than restructuring of the balance sheets, corporate governance, or borrowing money for gearing as buy out firms usually do.

The mission of WMP is bridging the Win-Win relation between the portfolio company and the institutional investors. WMP would like to be a compelling Equity Partner through its innovative management team who will challenge the risk and change the way of the current business manner.


  • ・Private Equity Investment
  • ・Management of investment funds
  • ・Consulting activities

Company Profile

Kakimi kojimachi Annex Bldg.4F, 3-2 kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
July 2013
Moriyoshi Matsumoto