Privacy Policy

WM Partners Co., Ltd. (“WMP”) sets out its Privacy Policy as follows and complies with it to protect with extensive protective measures any information about a person such as clients, which would identify the specific individual (“Personal Information”).
1. Management of Personal Information
In order to maintain the Personal Information accurate and up to date, as well as to prevent any unauthorized access, damages or alternation to, or loss or leakage, etc. of the Personal Information, WMP takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, organizational structure, extensive employee trainings, etc., and implements security processes for strict management of the Personal Information.
2. Purposes of Use
WMP uses the Personal Information obtained by it for the purpose of engaging in business activities and performing services as follows:
i) communicating, consulting and reporting the business activities;
ii) creating customer ledger;
iii) delivering sales materials; and
iv) activities associated with any of the above.
3. Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of the Personal Information to Third Parties
WMP handles the Personal Information with due care and does not disclose to any third parties except for the following cases:
② Cases where the person has consented to such disclosure; or
② Cases where the provision of Personal Information is required by laws and/or regulations.
4. Security Measures for the Personal Information
WMP endeavors to protect the Personal Information to prevent any leakage, alternation, or loss by implementing appropriate security measures.
5. Inquiry from the Person
In the event that the person makes inquiries relating to his or her Personal Information, WMP, upon confirmation of the identity of the requestor, will respond to such inquiries without delay.
6. Correction, etc.
In case where the person has requested corrections, additions, or deletions (“Correction, etc.”) in relation to his or her Personal Information, WMP will conduct investigation without delay, and if such investigation substantiates the needs of the Correction, etc., will implement in a timely manner.
7. Compliance with the Laws and Regulations and Revision
WMP complies with the Japanese laws, regulations and other guidelines that are applicable to the Personal Information it retains, and will regularly review this Policy for improvements.
Last updated: Nov, 2016