Tailored Growh

WM Partners (“WMP”) makes investment to the companies at the growth stage with revenues from their core business and/or products.
Investment professionals with more than ten year experiences in the industry and venture partners and insight advisors in various industry sectors will provide support for maximization of the enterprise value of the portfolio.

Structured Equity Partnership

WMP provides the means of liquidation for the existing stock holders who needs to cash their interests and spends time for close examination help the management team to find appropriate equity owners for such business in a certain period of time.
Until today, WMP has been providing tailor-made solutions for equity owners, portfolio companies and their top-management for more than ten years.

Opportunities in Secondaries

WMP acquires from existing investors (LP) their private equity interests under the management for several years.
With more than ten year experiences in the industry and the reputation of the fair value it offers, with solicitation from numerous GPs and LPs, WMP has considered several hundred opportunities in total among which more than 50 has materialized. Its independent background enables WMP to acquire interests from not only GPs and LPs, but also financial institutions, operating companies, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what industry sector and in what stage does WMP make investment?
WMP does not limit its investment to specific industry sectors or to certain stages; however, WMP focuses on businesses with the potential for improving operational efficiency through IT or for cultivating new customer base.
WMP also invests in companies in the healthcare sector with proven track records in development activities and/or with broad customer base.
Why does WMP keep the focus on investments with minority interest?
WMP strongly believes that companies do not belong solely to investors, and that the executive team and the employees create the enterprise value. WMP also believes that the partnership with the majority stock holders is the best approach to maximize the return on investment.
WMP does not intend to buy out companies, as the change in ownership and strategies on stock holders are conditioned upon the consent of the majority owned stock holders.
How is WMP involved after the investment?
WMP participates in management as a board member; however, our focus is to support the management team by offering ideas and insights on business development and talent recruiting, as well as by sharing technology and market information.
Additionally, WMP assists resource planning by co-working with venture partners with expertise in system and marketing, as well as accounting, tax and legal professionals.